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Only need 5X4 meter to support multiple people walking

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In 2108, biologists from M country used genetic techniques to awake and duplicate dinosaurs from Jurassic era and implanted chips into their bodies for stimulation its brain and control of their movement. After thesuccessful bio experiment, the government attempted to enlarge use into military use, due to the chips problems, a large number of carnivorous dinosaurs escaped from the laboratory, and human cities became hunting grounds for dinosaurs.


There will be attack by Raptor, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and variant tyrannosaurus in the game! Game players must cover each others to against dinosaurs' breakthrough attacks and defenddinosaurs’ invasion of human habitation!


Before the game starts, players must watch the mission description video. The game will be played up to 4 people in the same field at the same time. The minimum venue sizeshall be at least 4x4 meters. It is recommended to use vibration guns and the vibration floors to increase VR game experience, so that players do not need to move. Just play on the fixed point and experience 10 minutes game.

I can’t believe that I am still on earth, it is amazing !

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  • Hardware

    we have technical support for vibrating floors and vibrating guns

  • Flexible license

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  • Ultra-high effect

    support multi-person walking experience in a small space, this is the world's highest walking VR shooting product


  • UNLIMITED (monthly)

    $50 USD per server

    $500 USD per month

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  • UNLIMITED (quarterly)

    $0 USD per server

    $1,200 USD per quarterly

    We will provide 3 days experience services, marketing sources, game client software and operation backend.

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