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Only need 5X4 meter to support multiple people walking

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A group of college studentswent hiking and found that they lost one classmate "Tomoko" when they returned to the hotel. For a while, everyone received a mobile massage from Tomoko, that she was lost and staying in an abandoned izakaya, Onceagain, everyone hiked up to mountain to search for missing classmate,Tomoko. It was not long time before they found that izakaya. However, they could not find anything aboutfriend ,Tomoko. With their disappointment , they found an incredible platform in that small abandoned izakaya. This old tram fromJapan Showa Era,actually leadthem to an office building full of gods and monsters. Can they find Tomoko ?


This is a multiplayer adventure game in Japanese monsters and haunted house. Alike the “Red light, Green light” concept, players should avoid waking up monsters and find the lost items at same time. If you wake monsters up incautiously, it would cause unpredictable consequence…


Before the game starts, players must first watch the story video. The game has maximum of 4 people in the same field, and a group of 2 people. The venue size requires at least 5x4 meters. Please use a backpack computer or wireless device to allow players in the game scene free walking. The experience time is about 10-15 minutes.

I can’t believe that I am still on earth, it is amazing !

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  • Hardware

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Request for a free trial license

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