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Only need 5X4 meter to support multiple people walking

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Igor, a poor wizard, cleaning his own basement, accidentally discovered in one night, that the long missing grandfather, Neville Wesley, lived in the abandoned furnace ! The excited Wesley hoped that Igor could help him out. The method is to take an unmanned tram in suburbs of London at midnight, entering to the castle of black wizard GilderoyCarrow, killing the black wizard and firedragon, that the magic seal can be lifted...


Sneaking into Uagadou, the wizard's castle which is occupied by GilderoyCarrow, encountering Goblins, giant mountain monsters, evil wizards and the last cursed firedragon! Players must use their magic wand to attack enemies and use magical shields to protect themselves.


Before the game starts, the player will see an old wizard hiding in a furnace. The wizard will tell him his life and story and tell players game mission. This game is maximum 4 peoples(2 people each group). The venue size requires at least 5x4 meters, please use a backpack computer or wireless device to allowplayers freewalk within game scene. The experience time is about 10-15 minutes.

I can’t believe that I am still on earth, it is amazing !

In the same filed, 2 to 4 people play at the same time, we have very good results in hTC global flagship store VIVELAND.

  • Product Ordering

    We offer a wide range of services for customizing VR experience games

  • Situational Support

    We provide wall materials for marketing and experience area todecorate VR experience area and deepen immersion in game scenes

  • Operational Tools

    Provides console and back-end management tools for easy operation

  • Hardware

    We have technical support for vibrating floors and vibrating guns

  • Flexible license

    Support for single-split, single-month or 12-month unlimited use authorization for license

  • Ultra-high effect

    Support multi-person walking experience in a small space, this is the world's highest walking VR shooting product


  • UNLIMITED (monthly)

    $50 USD per server

    $500 USD per month

    We will provide 3 days experience services, marketing sources, game client software and operation backend.

  • UNLIMITED (quarterly)

    $0 USD per server

    $1,200 USD per quarterly

    We will provide 3 days experience services, marketing sources, game client software and operation backend.

Request for a free trial license

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